Monday, 30 May 2022

An exploration


                          An exploration

My previous painting (see "Forever in the clouds") was to be one of a series. But my brushes came up with other ideas. My freely-brushed deep purple zigzag strokes, fading into mauve towards the horizon below, turned into an optimistic calligraphy taking us way up into a vast space. 

Then a kind of sadness came over me. Was it the worldwide tsunami of negative news - becoming unbearable in my old age? My only comfort was to be found in my palette of colours and my brushes.

So intuitively I gently began to surround my initial strokes with pastel greyish greens, blues and pinks, helping the pools of colour to float and meet up in space. I began to develop small dynamic conversations across the whole picture. Bit by bit, I was modulating from a minor key towards light and hope, even in the darkest tones. I was determined to find beauty in my sadness.


                                                  An exploration, watercolour 62 x 45 cm, 2022

So this is not just another cloudscape. It's an exploration of spaceEnlarge the details: you might find some lovely little surprises. 


  1. I find this piece to be absolute can certainly exquisite, Norman. BRAVO! The colours are to die for & the composition is endlessly provocative, as is space! Do you have a price tag on it, or does the painting go to the highest bidder? Would you ever sell prints of it?
    I hope this finds you well "enough?" I can certainly empathise given the deplorable state of the world (and especially the USA) at this time. It all makes one feel rather hopeless.
    Please feel free to email me your responses about the painting. I would LOVE to have it but am pretty sure I can't afford it now that I'm a senior citizen on a rather tight budget with not much in the way of discretionary income. Thanks a lot and keep painting!
    ~ Dancy

    1. Thank you so much Dancy for your kind comments. I'll email you about this.