Wednesday 16 June 2021

Rhapsody in the Park


Rhapsody in the Park

A strange thing happened to me the other day, walking through my local Amsterdam Flevo Park, where every blade of grass, leaf, blossom, flower was celebrating the fullness of summer in all its glory. I sat there sketching, drinking in the many greens and the variety of deep shadow colours, then started "seeing" flashes of many other colours. This was becoming a kaleidoscopic experience, an intense celebration of nature and of life itself. 

I wanted to sing, but I had no lyrics. A song without words then, a song of dancing colours. I really had to make a lyrical painting, throwing care aside and choosing intuitively from my palette, following my emotions. I found myself painting in a state of rhapsody. Like a musical rhapsody, a spontaneous free-flowing chromatic work. Yes, I went back to the studio and put on Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue, to develop this rhapsody in many colours. 

Rhapsody in the Park, watercolour, 65 x 45 cm. June 2021

Of course I've revelled for years in the emotional power of vivid fluctuating translucent colours, painted on glass and shared with the public via my overhead-projectors. Here's the link to my blog of January 2019: The joy of lyrical painting, written before my final performance of lyrical-abstract paintings on stage with musicians. I can't paint those live any more, so I'm now looking for new ways to express the magic of colour on paper.