Thursday 22 August 2013

Cloud & Light

Cloud & Light: 
upcoming performance with Toshio Hosokawa.

Save the date! 

On Saturday October 26th. 20.15, I shall flood the stage of the Amsterdam Muziekgebouw with my kinetic colours. Bring a towel - for your tears. For me, this could be the audio-visual performance of a life-time, and I dearly want to share it with you. 
The programme Cloud & Light juxtaposes three beautiful works by the acclaimed Japanese composer Toshio Hosokawa with three violin concertos by Johan Sebastian Bach. It includes Hosokawa's Meditation, for the victims of 
Fukushima & the Tsunami. 

The Netherlands Chamber Orchestra: Toshio Hosokawa conductor, Gordan Nikolic leader and violin solo, Lisanne Soeterbroek violin, Mayumi Miyata shō. 

Hosokawa's music grows from the silence and power of nature. He has referred to his music "as the calligraphy of sounds, painted on the canvas of silence". 

I've discovered an fascinating organic relationship between
 his music, his use of silence and my kinetic calligraphic brush-marks, balanced and floating in space. I'll be blogging more about this new-found synergy, as my creative designs evolve in the coming weeks. Please save this date and book here.