Wednesday, 15 April 2020

Pool your energy!

Pool your energy!

I first performed with the fabulous Dutch Circle Percussion ensemble in 1978, then regularly for thirty years or so. Here's a demonstration of how paintbrushes and drumsticks can fuse fluid and rhythmic energy. The advantage of analogue overhead projectors is that you can paint kinetic images on their plates in synch with the music, and project the visuals directly onto these great Japanese drums. The movements of the drummers combined with my brushstrokes and the organic spread of my colours are really quite theatrical.

These stills are taken from an 8 min. video that we made nearly ten years ago. We did four takes of Harumi in one day - talk about the need for stamina! But you need to see the real action, so Here's the link. Go to full screen, turn the sound right up, hold on to your seats and feel the vibe! 
At the end of the day

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