Thursday, 13 March 2014

The Joy of being Yourself

The Joy of being Yourself

Some years ago, I made this painting as a present to my great little sister Joy. A nudge towards self-affirmation, I thought. And yes, she loved it - they're especially her colours. But as I painted/wrote it, I realised that I was also painting it for myself. And just recently, she reminded me to look at what it says - again. As an artist, I needed to.

Making a brush-stroke on paper is deeply satisfying to a painter - and if you can infuse every gesture with energy, freely making the open space your own, well - that's for our own well-being and that of the spectator. "The way of the brush" is my way. I'm not a shodo calligrapher, but with a brush I have discovered the best way to be myself. 

The juiciness of the wet colour is luscious, like a rich patisserie. Amazing how organic watercolour can give you the feeling: "This is who I am!". If you get really close, it feels even better. Here we go!!



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