Monday, 11 June 2012

An illuminating experience at Aldeburgh

An illuminating experience at Aldeburgh.

The pianist Pierre-Laurent Aimard is celebrated for his genius in putting together enlightened and original recital programmes. It’s as though he’s hanging an exhibition, where the juxtaposition of the paintings deliberately influences the way you view the each one – and the whole show. Pierre-Aimard finds unusual ways of keeping you on the edge of your seat, surprised and delighted by these unexpected musical relationships. 

Our Piano Colours recital at the Aldeburgh Festival next week (June 22nd) is a lovely example of how he works. We shall play it straight through, without a break or applause, so you will discover how his five Debussy Préludes (and one Images) can flow surprisingly and seamlessly in and out of Liszt, Scriabin, Murail and Benjamin (the works to which I’m painting and projecting live 
kinetic visuals).
A still from the projection of my kinetic painting to Scriabin’s Sonata No. 9.
From Tristan Murail’s “Cloches d’Adieu, et un sourire – in memoriam Olivier Messiaen”. It’s all about the resonances of sound and colour.
Read my blog of April 23rd for the story of how this project developed. After working on our programme for months, I’m now getting very excited – and practising like crazy. Yes, you have to practice like a musician to paint in “real time” a tempo and from memory. And learn how to anticipate and adjust the rhythm of your brush-strokes to the other’s interpretation at that moment. You can’t learn that at Art college.  After nearly two year’s planning, I’m working together with Pierre-Laurent for the first time and this programme is our world première. A real milestone in many ways. 
A studio snap-shot from a rehearsal of George Benjamin’s “Fantasy on Iambic Rhythm”.
If you can’t make it to Aldeburgh, we’re taking Piano Colours to the huge Helsinki Festival on August 27th and in Salzburg Mozarteum on November 30th.



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