Sunday, 4 October 2015

Creative freedom in 2015!

Creative freedom in 2015!

If you can't read this, turn it anti-clockwise. 
It says, of course, 
Creative freedom in 1990

On my New Year's card of 1989/90, my long splayed brush was not just painting graffiti on a wall - it was my own simple way to slash through the Wall of political and cultural prejudice, to freely calligraph a message of optimism, a call for creativity in whatever language you speak, write, paint or play or sing. 

In November 1989 the Berlin Wall came down and we were all carried away with excitement about the consequences. That first celebration of German unity in Berlin saw Rostropovich playing the Bach Cello Suites and Bernstein conducting Beethoven's Ninth Symphony, changing the words from Freude! (Joy) to Freiheit! (Freedom):

But twenty-five years later the message must still be writ large on walls everywhere.
Think creatively! 
Out of the box? Through the wall!


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